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Monday, 31 August 2015

Custom Blackboards and a Wardrobe Makeover!

As you may know, we have just moved into a new home; well, house, I should say, we are *creating* a home. The first room we really wanted to get straight was my partner's children, whom we have every other weekend.
The house is rented, and therefore magnolia (the worst shade of magnolia, I may add) empty, and in need of much love! The previous owners had left a basic pine wardrobe in the room which was to be theirs. I figured painting it up would be the quickest way to inject colour and character into the room.

I painted the exterior a lavender purple, it's not too strong, nor too wish-washy, and I am so pleased with it! The inside, I painted a pale mint green. The girls had chose a selection of papers a few days previous, and so I used one to line the back section. It was SO difficult! Obviously using actual wallpaper would of been easier, rather than messing around with wet and soggy wrapping paper!!
It turned out well enough in the end, and, I used different papers to line the bottom of the drawers, the girls each having their 'own' drawers.

Not being content with it, I decided to paint personalized chalkboards on the insides of the wardrobe, each one being inspired by their likes, interests, and their personality.
(They obviously have their names painted in the big black spaces at the top!!)

The bottom of the little one's is a silhouette, which doesn't come across so well in a photo! (I'ts also only halfway through it's second coat.
It's also awaiting a quote along the top: 'And though she be but little, she is fierce' from Shakespeare.
Her sisters says "The Earth has music for those who listen' Also from Shakespeare. 

I moved the clothes rail lower, so they can access their own clothes easier, and we use the top section to store books - "The Secret Story Cupboard"....! It also has a collection of faery accouterments....

Their individual drawers, and the one we use for extra shoes.

I gave the girls sharpies, and let them go to town designing their own door knobs. I was completely blown away by what they came up with! They're fun, vibrant, and complete the wardrobe wonderfully. Most importantly, though, they are starting to feel invested in their new room. It's a place they are making, rather than a room that magically appeared overnight, filled with furniture that neither represents them, nor have any emotional attachment for them.
They have shown various friends and family, their room and the wardrobe,  always proudly announcing "Look at the doorknobs, we made them!" Their faces beaming! 
I found "This is the best wardrobe ever" scribbled on one of the chalkboards a few weeks after, and to me, that is totally worth it. 

Over the next few posts, I'll share with you the other things we have sanded, repainted, and revamped to create an awesome room for them, alongside the projects we've done all over the rest of the house!

- The British Faery.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Hello again..

It's been a while, and I have been keeping myself busy since I last posted, I left to travel in Germany for 3 months, and when I returned, I moved in with my boyfriend, a massive step, change of dreams and ambitions for me, but one I am glad for doing. Every now and then the oddness of living in a house that is (kind of) my own, with someone I love, washes over me anew, and I smile at the gratefulness I feel. No longer lost, or wandering, True, that I never wanted to live in a 'normal' life, a house, a partner, bills and work and all the routine that comes with it - but you know what? Life is what you make of it, and I can make my life, and our home, as witchy, faery, as handmade abnormally wonderful as I choose too. Living with someone I love, who makes me feel happy, content, and is my very best friend - makes the loss of those other, now laughably unimportant wishes, more than worth it.
So, alongside all the adventures I will still be having, albeit smaller, perhaps! Will still be uploaded here, my travels in Germany will slowly be wrote about, I had the most wonderful, soul enriching and spirit uplifting time.
Mainly however, I will be sharing this new kind of adventure, creating a home that is unique to us, homemade, handmade, a witchy-faery, delight. DIY, projects, treasure hunting.

Finally, perhaps the biggest news of all.........

After a break of almost two years, I am once again sewing Sprytes.
I've been a little nomadic the last few years, and now that I am in a home I love, living a life I love, it seems only natural I should be working a job I love. Yep. Sprytes will be my full time occupation. It's so scary and amazing to say that!
 I am aiming to have my business plan done by the end of July, and BOY, those things are tough! I'm getting through it slowly, and no doubt will share my triumphs and tantrums over it with you.
The Sprytes themselves are getting a little make-over, and I am working hard on making them better and more beautiful than ever. They will have an entirely new pattern, the first draft of which has just been sewn up. Don't worry, they haven't changed to drastically, I'm just finessing a few points, adding details here and there, as well as working on a way to add a little more expression to their faces.

I have so much to tell you about the new adventure, but there would be no fun in me spilling all the beans now!
 I'll will, however, be sharing progress photos of the new patterns, my inspiration photos, the new fabrics and fibers I plan on using, related articles, musings, and a few detailed progress reports now and then.
So, if you'd like to join me in this new journey, please check back every once in a while, and post your comments, as it's wonderful to hear from you all.
Of course, you can let me deliver m news directly to you, and sign up for the monthly mailing list....
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British Faery. 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Other World Over The Bridge

The day started with dreaming underneath the treetops, before Doodles and I (my 4yr old Adventure companion) went for the long walk over the bridge into the 'Other World Over The Bridge'.

It sure was a long walk! In the rain, too. The Swifts flew with us some of the way to keep us company. They were much better fliers than us! (Did you know a swift never stops flying, other than to lay!?)

We made it to the Column Of Victory! Erected by Queen Anne, in thanks to John Churchill who helped win the Battle Of Blenheim. She also built him Blenheim Palace...
Handsome Guy, Huh!?

Which we visited next... It is so absurdly lavish and fancy I could hardly contain myself! 

Now THIS is a crib! :O Talk about a silver spoon! 

Now, where here is where I fall in love... 
Please let me introduce The Long Library! 

And a little Church 

And we stopped for lunch at The Waterside Teracce, as Doodle loves the fountains, and so do I! 

We then went on search for the 'Arboretum' It too, was a very long walk..!  We saw many marvellous things, and had many mini adventures! 
Making friends with old gnarly oaks...
And had a chat with the roses... They smelled divine.... !

Our search was rewarded in seeing the Cascades! 

It's always an adventure at Blenheim......

~The British Faery

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Blenheim's Secret Garden

I've been at Blenheim again... this time, I discovered the Secret Garden. I think it has been a little difficult to access recently, as they have had big pavilions up.
But, I found it, and it truly is wonderful. It is full of secret pathways, bridges, little waterfalls, ponds and summer houses. I am planning on spending the day there soon, in the company of my journal :)

I will be sat on *that* bench.

And if I could, I'd be sat on *that* seat shaped branch... 

Have a wonderful summer!
~The British Faery

A few days in July...

July is off to a good start! I am managing to fill the days full of friends, fun and pocket sized adventures.

First of all, was Eynsham Carnival. I spent the day hanging out with my youngest brother, and having a few drinks. The evening was spent by having a few more drinks, and watching the sun go down.... 

The next day, the next Carnival; Cowley Road Carnival. Having, a, uh, few more drinks, with friends while enjoying live music and craft stalls. 

It was an exhausting day!! 

 The next few days, I visited Blenheim, (of course!)

Squid rings... Mmmmm

I hope the rest of the Summer continues to be as wonderful!
~The British Faery

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